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The Essential Guide to
Understanding and Funding Senior Care

Arbor Home Transitions

Discover Resources for Funding Senior Care

Evaluate Senior Living Options for Your Loved One

Strategize a Smooth Transition into Care

Ensure Your Loved One’s Safety and Companionship

About The Co-Authors


Lori Alcini

Lori Alcini is firstly a wife, mother, and daughter from Macomb, Michigan (outside Detroit, MI). Secondly, she is a real estate expert specializing in helping seniors and empty nesters through the downsizing process and into a home that fits their changing needs and wants. It has become increasingly apparent that there was a great need for information, resources, and support for the people that need to transition to assisted living or an even greater level of care. The first worry is about how this can be afforded which can add even more stress. These experiences motivated her to investigate and get creative on how to help families gracefully and compassionately move their loved ones into senior care.


Ben Rao

Ben Rao is an author, serial entrepreneur, business coach, philanthropist and senior care advocate who lives in Lee’s Summit, Missouri (outside Kansas City, MO).

Ben experienced first-hand the emotional and financial struggle that families face when he was unexpectedly confronted with the reality of transitioning his own father into senior care. He was challenged by the lack of direction and resources available for a process that nearly all of us will eventually need to go through. That experience inspired Ben to use his personal and professional experience in the long-term care industry to help families transition their loved ones into senior care.

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